To Hong Kong office

Our HK Office in Kwai Fong is situated in the industrial area adjacent to the local shopping centre, Metro Plaza.  The area is well linked via abundant transportation options.


➤ Taxi – You can hail a taxi anywhere in Hong Kong and they can take you straight to Wah Fung Industrial Centre at Kwai Fung Crescent in Kwai Fong.

➤ MTR – The alternative to taking a cab is travelling via Hong Kong’s mass transit railway system which is highly convenient and can take you straight to Kwai Fong station.  After exiting the station at Exit C, go left and enter the pedestrian subway where you can follow the directions that lead you to the industrial area of Kwai Fong.  Once you exit the sub way take a left around the corner and walk straight along Kwai Fuk Road.  You will have arrived when you reach an entrance on the left marked as Wah Fung Industrial Centre Block 1, as you approach the intersection between Kwai Fuk Road and Hing Fong Road.  Take the passenger or cargo elevators to the 13th floor and find us at Flat D7 in Metro.

➤ Other Public Transport – There are also a number of other options to reach Kwai Fong.  These are comprised of minibuses and double decker buses.  They will typically arrive next to the Metroplaza shopping mall as seen on the map or next to the MTR station at the main bus station.  In this case you can reach our offices after disembarking by walking to exit C at Kwai Fong station before entering the same pedestrian subway as described above.