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Being an active innovative manufacturer in the industry, we consider patents to represent three intrinsic values of Eastern Sources.

First of all, our current active portfolio of utility patents registered with various patent offices around the world is, by itself, an invaluable asset of Eastern Sources. Well-selected patents not only allow our business partners to enjoy legal protection against design infringements, but also minimize their exposures to business competitions and intellectual property right disputes.

Secondly, patents, being the end-results of our long history of product development, are proofs of our expertise and experience in product innovation accumulated step by step over the past 20 years. Given the global warming issue, we anticipate that consumers will be more careful in selecting quality, unique, durable and environmental friendly products instead of spending money on unnecessary and low quality items of little perceived values. There is a trend to move away from competing on price alone. Our innovation capability will allow us to offer solutions to our customers in matching up with the latest development trend.

Last but not the least. our knowledge of patents has helped us develop a genuine respect for intellectual property rights and good business ethics. We respect not only our own rights, but also the rights of our customers and other third parties. This respect ensures we remain to be a good and reliable business partner for our customers in the long run.

In step with the global development trend, we will allocate resources more wisely to the development of patented innovative quality products that will serve the genuine consumer needs and the best interests of our customers and the world.