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With growing demands for consumer safety and environment protection, safety approval has become one very important consideration in our product development and quality assurance operations. It covers a much broader context than just ensuring a few samples will pass the safety approval tests before mass production. Instead, it should cover the whole process of controlling our RND and manufacturing operations to ensure proper compliance with such standards. Risks and costs of non-compliance are non-affordably high and detrimental not only to us but also to our customers and theirs. Hence, this is one key area that deserves our serious attention. 

Eastern Sources has renowned experience of appliance safety compliance and endurance tests. Below is a list of approvals on which we have worked on before: 


CB scheme (IEC standard) 

KEMA KEUR (EN Standard)


cETL (CSA Standard)

GOST-R (Russia)


CSA (CSA Standard)

SAA (Australia and New Zealand)


cUL (CSA Standard)

SEMKO (EN standard)


ENEC (EN Standard) 

VDE (Germany)


GS (Germany)



IMQ (Italy)

Through working closely with prestigious customers and world-class third party laboratories, we have developed a good standard practice to have all our products tested and certified to relevant safety standards as required by our customers. Safety requirements play a role as early as our engineering feasibility and conceptual design stages. Intensive tests are done not only from our conceptual design to customers' pre-production approval, but also from engineering feasibility study to regular monitoring of incoming components and production of finished goods.

With regular monitoring of safety standard evolution and the trend of tightening on regulatory requirements, our customers enjoy the benefits of fast safety approval news. They can therefore make better decisions on product development directions, reduce time and cost of getting safety approval listings, and launch their new and improved products considerably faster into the market.

In line with our business philosophy, Eastern Sources does care for the consumers' and your interests.